fabricantes pernios estebro

Estampaciones EBRO, S.L. has always wanted to go further. This is why we developed a study that allow  us to recommend our customers and final consumers which type of gate hardware they should use and how they should install it in the door with the maximum security guarantee.

Estebro, lead manufacturer of Gate Hardware and Gate Accessories cooperates with the University of Zaragoza: Centro Politécnico Superior de Zaragoza. One of our first cooperation was the development of a wide investigation project coordinated by Dr. José Antonio Bea Cascarosa, from the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the Centro Politécnico Superior de Zaragoza.

Together with the study and the investigation project we developed a software aimed at Gate Hinges which allows us to obtain:

  • The optimum distribution of the hinges along the gate, calculating the weight and the maximum weight supported by the hinges with a high security coefficient.
  • Number of hinges per gate.
  • Knowing the weight of the gate we can advise which hinge is more adequate.
  • We can simulate deformations for extreme cases.



On the pictures below you can take a look at some possible cases and examples.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. We will be glad to help you.